The pass out of 430 UWA rangers graced by the President of the republic of Uganda was a key milestone in the recent history of conservation and tourism sector. 80 of these will continue for further training to form the first ever intelligence unit for UWA while 100 will be deployed to Murchison Falls Conservation Area to monitor oil and hydro power activities. Others have been deployed to various Conservation Areas and the headquarters.

For April-May, 2013, Gorilla tracking fans have a unique opportunity to track mountain gorillas at discounted rates in an ongoing promotion by UWA to give back to her clients.

In Bangkok, Thailand, UWA set a strong team including two board members, the Executive Director, Chief Conservation Area Manager, the head of Ecological Monitoring and Research as well as a senior community Conservation warden, to the sixteenth meeting of the conference of the parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora (CITES).A number of issues were discussed in the main sessions and on the sidelines which are beneficial to wildlife in particular and Uganda in general.

Disbursal of funds to the communities neighbouring conservation areas under the revenue sharing scheme was implemented in various regions while in Kibale, the construction of a 12 unit block for staff accommodation was completed which will bring ranger guides closer to the tourism zone .Uganda Wildlife Authority heartily applauds those who spent their Easter weekend in our pristine national parks and invite you to come again during the future festive seasons.Enjoy the items in this issue.

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