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 Uganda Wildlife Authority management and staff on Wednesday donated assorted items including foodstuffs, drinks and clothes to the Missionaries of the Poor who look after over 400 disadvantaged children and young adults in Kisenyi and Busega homes, in the outskirts of Kampala.

The UWA team was led by the Executive Director, flanked by the director for Tourism and Business Services, Mr. Raymond Engena, Human Resources Manager, Mr. Chris Mwesiimo and the Public Relations Manager, Ms Lillian Nsubuga among others. Dr. Andrew Seguya who was received at the Bethlehem home by the in charge, Brother Sonny Borras, said Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is happy to associate with Bethlehem Home by providing food items with the babies and young people that are being looked after at this home.

“One of UWA’s main objectives and goals is to share with the communities the little money that we collect from our activities in the national parks. Last year, we were able to donate food and scholastic materials to the Missionaries of the Poor in Kisenyi and therefore contributed to improving the welfare of those children”, said UWA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Uganda Wildlife Authority is a semi-autonomous government agency responsible for managing the wildlife and protected areas of Uganda. We manage 10 national parks and 12 wildlife reserves located in different national parks. Dr. Seguya said Uganda Wildlife Authority is keen to ensure that Ugandans share in the benefits that accrue from having wildlife in our country. We have the Revenue Sharing policy whereby we give 20 percent of annual revenue from park entry fees to the communities neighbouring the national park. This money has been used to build schools, classrooms, teachers’ houses, health centers, as well as rehabilitate roads and begin income-generating activities.

The much needed food items donated by UWA included sugar, maize flour, beans, rice and soda. “We are aware of the difficulty of putting food on the table for a big number of children given the high food prices on the market. We understand that you have over 206 children here as well as 50 adults; therefore we hope that our donation will go a long way in improving your operations. Under our CSR program, we shall continue to strive that various communities benefit from tourism and wildlife” he promised.

Brother Borras who appreciated the UWA gesture, said some of the children are orphans, victims of accidents, those abandoned by parents due to mental and physical handicap. He said Missionaries for the poor was founded in 1981 by a former priest who used to teach in Boston and has today grown to serve in eight countries. He said it was an uphill task catering for over 400 residents basic needs without any steady sources of income except for donations from philanthropists.


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The humble but strong soon to be Silver Back of Rushegura Mountain Gorilla Family in the northern Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, seems tired of playing second fiddle to the dominant Silverback, Mwirima. The dark –faced Mwirima who has for a while enjoyed unchallenged supremacy in a rather stable family of Rushegura, a few days ago underwent a shock from his wildest of imaginations when Blackback (BB) Kabukojo caused a mutiny in the leadership ranks of the family and even dared to flee with over thirteen members most of them females as he attempted to establish his own throne. When trackers led by a one Charles Byaruhanga went to the group for the routine monitoring, they could only trace six to their surprise. It was after a concerted looking around for well over eight hours and they discovered that the group had had sub divisions of two groups. Mwirima for the days to come only had seven individuals under his command with the rest determined to follow the youthful Blackback in a distance of over 700 meters. This confidence the group members have in Kabukojo can only spell doom for Mwirima who should brace himself for a succession battle in the near future. Fault lines have emerged and the writing is now on the wall. If it was not the meeting a wild family that put up a serious battle for its home range, probably a new family would have been founded by now. As a result, Kabukojo had to lead his group back to the parent home range where Mwirima was and the two groups eventually merged rather grudgingly. Till hours ago, the family was feeding near each other with the two splits having different feeding locations. Rushegura one of the biggest families in Bwindi with 20 members, has been peaceful and stable. It has had the greatest composition of Adult females with only one Black back whose loyalty to the family has been solid and unquestionable. Kabukojo on the other hand is a very strong and energetic young lad accredited with fighting many successful battles to protect the family territory. Mwirima however is aging by day and has lost a lot of stamina since his famous secession from Habinyanja as a youthful young man.
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 Good tidings yet again rain in the gorilla park of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda. For their dedicated efforts and determination to keep the gorilla habitat well and alive, the rangers and porters of Bwindi have been appreciated by Gosmile,a Ugandan Non Governmental Organization(NGO registered both in Uganda and Germany. The organization whose three Pillars is to support children and, women with start-up support to improve family welfare and health care has pledged to support primarily the guides, trackers and law enforcement rangers as well as porters of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park with school tuition and scholastic materials for their children. This comes on the heels of the accolade the park received from Trip Advisor has tourists’ favorite for visitation in 2012 with a five star performance. The decision to support the staff followed a discussion between the management of Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation Area (BMCA) headed by the Area Manager Mr. Pontius Ezuma and the Directors and sponsors of Gosmile. The Directors of GoSmile who called on the CAM- BMCA Mr. Ezuma last week were happy to partner with the park and also commended management for ensuring that the estate is well run and protected. They revealed that earlier, GoSmile had been undertaking such sponsorships through community groups around Bwindi but such help channeled had been mismanaged without reaching the intended benefactors. They were however happy to get engaged in conservation with UWA through BMCA and have every confidence that much will be achieved in this sponsorship. It was envisaged that by linking conservation to through the help rendered to staff and porters with their immediate family, it will greatly encourage them double efforts, reduce illegal activities but as well make a contribution to the local communities as a conservation benefit. A majority of the ranger force of the CA and all porters are born from the villages neighboring the park. The head guide Bwindi Sgt.Maj Ndayakunze Sunday on behalf of the benefitting staff pledged the commitment of the field team in ensuring that their efforts are doubled to make eco-tourism appreciated around the park. He thanked the management of Bwindi Mgahinga- CA and UWA as a whole for being committed to ensure staff welfare improves. The Country Director Gosmile Mr. Moses Kiiza pledged to further hold more meetings on how best to effect and develop clear guidelines on implementation of this partnership. They left a few pens and pencils, flasks, sources, warm blankets, socks and lunch packs for rangers at the end of the discussion where they are optimistic to working with us to effect this support. The chairman of the porters Association Buhoma Habomugisha Edward was so moved with this gesture and pledged even further support to protect the home of the mountain gorillas.

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INTERFORCES SPORTS STARS TO TOUR MURCHISON FALLS NP The best sportsmen and women from the ninth edition of the Uganda inter-forces Games and Championships held in 2011 will have a unique opportunity to tour the Murchison Falls National Park from 3rd-5th January 2013. This follows an offer from the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Management at the end of the tournament last year. The beneficiaries are from the participating forces namely Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF), Uganda Police Force (UPF), Uganda Prisons Service (UPS) and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The inter-forces Games and Championships is an annual event in which the participating organizations compete in Range fire shooting, Darts, athletics and ball games. The hosting of these games is rotational. According to Mr. Samuel Amanya, the UWA sports officer, the field trip was field trip was announced by the current Director of Tourism and Business Services ,Mr. Raymond Engena Raymond while he was the Chief Guest representing the Executive Director UWA, at the opening ceremony of Range Competitions at Kigo Prisons on 18th November 2011. The same offer was re-affirmed by the UWA Executive Director (ED) Dr. Andrew Ggunga Seguya at the official closing ceremony at Namboole on 25th November 2011. The post review meeting of the Inter-Forces Sports Working Group came up with the names of best sports men and women in Shooting/Range, Football, Netball, Handball, Darts, Volleyball and Athletics. Uganda Police Force the host of the last 9th Edition communicated to UWA forwarding the names of beneficiaries. Mr. Amanya said UWA and released the funds for the trip which will cover the meals and accommodation at local rates. The field tour is important because it will strengthen our good image amongst the forces, says Mr. Amanya. The offer will also go a long way to promote the desired support from sister forces which is needed to develop the sports culture at UWA. UWA’s offer (filed tour) is on record in the history of Inter-Forces Games since no force or any other body had ever rewarded best performing sportsmen, at least by December 2011. The action will generally motivate sportsmen and women to work hard. Prizes in sports are critical for sports development. While in Murchison Falls, the largest conservation Area in Uganda, the sportsmen and the officers will go for game drives, launch drive to the bottom of the Falls and also visit the Top of the Falls to witness the world’s most powerful waterfalls. All sports officers from forces are expected to travel along with their selected sports men and women. That is a culture in celebrating sports achievements with managers and coaches. Besides, traveling with sports officers from different forces will be considered as a retreat to discuss the issues related to the preparations of 2013 games. End
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