A new strategic plan for Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)has been approved by the Board of Trustees The strategic plan aims at achieving the following overall goal: "To have sustainably managed wildlife areas that are providing enjoyment, supporting community livelihoods and contributing to National development".

According to the Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya, the thrust of this plan over the next five years is putting in place the requisite infrastructure, capacities and financial resources that will enable effective management of the natural ecosystems, revamp their abilities to provide the services they have always provided and address the human-wildlife conflicts arising from competing demands.

Dr. Seguya adds, "Together with our sister agencies and key partners, we hope to move forward to fulfill the mandate of conserving Uganda's wildlife resources in perpetuity. This strategic plan (2013-2018) clearly defines our aspirations and sets an agenda that we will follow to not only further consolidate our achievements this far but to also address the challenges that lie ahead of us. The critical issues have been clearly identified and the measures of success well elaborated. We shall strive to invest every effort to deter any form of detraction that may hamper us from achieving our set objectives.

Uganda's minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Dr. Maria Mutagamba observes that the formulation of this strategic plan is testimony of UWA's resolve to continue to enhance her contribution to the structural and socio-economic transformation of Uganda as is enshrined in the overall National Development Plan and National Vision 2040. "I am happy to note that the Strategic Plan has integrated provisions of the National Development Plan and the National Vision, thereby making UWA relevant to the overall national development agenda."She pledges
total support of her ministry in creating an enabling environment for UWA to deliver on this plan and her overall mission and mandate.

Mr. Benjamin Otto the chairman UWA Board of Trustees says "the challenge for us therefore is to steer and ensure sustained conservation of this country's heritage amidst a rapidly growing human population with the accompanying demand for more land for agricultural expansion, industrial development with specific reference to mining, hydropower development and petroleum discoveries within the most pristine and ecologically sensitive areas.

Over the past five years, the organization has been faced with a number of critical challenges that must be comprehensively addressed over the plan period. Four critical areas have been identified and corresponding indicators drawn to show a road-map for overcoming the challenges and include : Restoring and maintaining healthy Ecosystems , Management of the Human-wildlife conflict, Achieving financial self sustainability and Improvement of the Infrastructure and equipment

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