Kyambura Gorge

Established 1965
The reserve was previously part of a larger area established as a Controlled Hunting Area

Geographical Location

South-west Uganda bordering the southeast of the Kazinga Channel and the south shore of Lake George. 0°05’S, 30°05’E. Altitude 700- 1,1 00m Area 15,700ha; contiguous to Queen Elizabeth National Park (197,800ha) and its associated reserves Uganda Land Tenure Government Physical Features The terrain is characterized by small hills and about 10 crater lakes above the east wall of the western Rift Valley (here interrupted by the vast upheaval of the Ruwenzori range). The area also contains a number of swamps. The boundary with Queen Elizabeth National Park is defined by the Kyambura River which flows into the Kazinga Channel. Vegetation Savanna grassland and deciduous thickets.


The fauna is similar to Queen Elizabeth National Park with mammals including hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius, lion Panthera leo, leopard Panthera pardus, elephant Loxodonta africana, buffalo Syncerus caffer, and a variety of antelope and other small ungulates. Waterbirds feature prominently in the avifauna including occasional visits by lesser flamingo Phoeniconaias minor.


The reserve forms a buffer zone for animals moving out of Queen Elizabeth National Park. No zoning exists within the reserve.

Disturbances or Deficiencies

Small fishing villages existing at the time of the declaration of the reserve remain, but further settlement is prohibited. There is poaching of hippopotamuses and other games for meat and illegal fishing.

Visitor Facilities

Access is by unsurfaced tracks only passable in dry weather. Scientific Research Periodic animal population surveys.

Game drive

The tracks in the reserve offer Buffaloes, Antelopes and Elephants sightings with Warthogs. Taking an experienced guide for the early morning game drive is the most successfully way of tracking on the prides of the cats like lions, leopard, hyenas including other scavenger raptors (vultures).

Game drives can be done in Kasenyi, crater drive to the Kikorongo creators, Kyibwera, Bagusa, Kashaka among others.

Chimp tracking/Nature walks

This is an adventure that gives you a chance to explore the whispering of Kyambura Wildlife wilderness and the shady Maramagambo forest whose ecosystem is famously known to be a savannah. The extensive Maramagambo tropical rainforest is a surprise with an extension that helps the genetic enhancements of the wild chimps. The Popular primate walk provides a chance observe and encounter the amazing chimpanzees in the famous gorge, including other animal species like the Goliath wood swine, Red tailed monkeys and different bird species.


Endowed with over 300 bird species, you may spot different birds, some being migratory. With the Reserve’s influence of savannah, woodland, aquatic and forest link to the expansive forest of the DRC with an experienced Bird guide you will have a great chance to spot the East and central African endemic bird species like Hammer kop, Lizard buzzard, Eastern grey plantain eater, African fish eagles, long crested eagles, Palm nut vultures.

Cultural heritage and nature trail

See the energetic distances of the Kikorongo equator cultural performers, workers harvesting salt from Katwe Salt Lake, the traditional Bunyaruguru hut, or an agricultural village all guided by those who know them best.

In Kyambura the historical encounter of Banyaruguru whose outlawed behavior of hunting add on the stories of the experience.