UWA research grants

UWA operates a research grants scheme depending on availability of funds. To access the guidelines for the grants scheme, use this link

Your Contribution to Research

Uganda Wildlife Authority is committed to conserving the country’s biodiversity through research and monitoring and would be glad to receive your contribution towards improved conservation and management of Uganda’s wildlife.

Procedures for Clearing Research Proposals

Anyone applying to conduct research in UWA’s protected areas must follow the procedures outlined below:
Anyone intending to conduct research in Wildlife Protected Areas or on wildlife in general must fill in application forms, attach a detailed proposal and CV and submit them in duplicate to UWA.

Obtain research application forms from UWA HQ, PAS, the Internet or any other place UWA may designate. Application forms will be submitted together with copies of research proposals and a CV of the principal researcher at least 3 months before the proposed date of commencement of the research.

The application form will be completed in duplicate (one copy deposited at UWA’s HQ and one sent to the protected area where the research is to be carried out).

Students in higher institutions of learning wishing to conduct their research in UWA protected areas will need a letter from their institutions of affiliation, certifying their studentship. So do students from outside Uganda.

The proposals will be vetted by the protected area of interest and experts in the particular field of concern, before research approval by UWA. The experts could be within or outside of the organization. Proposals from undergraduate students will be vetted by UWA HQ alone since these are usually for a very short period of time and do not involve detailed research methods or in- depth analysis to be of much use to park management . Note: Foreign researchers are required by law to seek clearance from Uganda National Council for Science and Technology after approval from UWA

All researchers are to submit progress reports to UWA at specified intervals and a final report at the end of the research.
Foreign researchers are required to pay a refundable deposit of US $300 at UWA HQ. This will be given back on submission of the final report. A researcher, whether local or foreign, who fails to submit a report will not be accepted to carry out any other research within UWA’s Protected Areas again.

Call for Research Proposals 2022.

Our call for research proposals for March 2022 is out. Please follow the link to access the detailed document Call for Research Proposals 2022 – research priority areas (March 24 2024)