In a ceremony held at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel, the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities Col. Tom Butime officially inaugurated the 10th Board of Trustees of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) on Thursday September 14, 2023.

The new board of trustees include


1. Prof. James Kalema Chairman
2. Ms. Marion Pamela Tukahurirwa  Member
3. Dr. Stella Acaye Atim  Member
4. Dr. Daniel Aleper  Member
5. Ms. Annet Kobusinge Ireeba  Member
6. Prof. Simeon Wanyama  Member
7. Mr. Raymond Engena  Member
8. Ms. Jane Bagonza  Member
9. Mr. George Owoyesigire  Member
10. Mr. Samuel John Mwandha (ED/Secretary to Board)


With a vested interest in safeguarding the nation’s natural treasures and promoting tourism, the Minister called upon the newly appointed board members to prioritize initiatives aimed at in

creasing the lion population in the country while combating poaching and invasive species.

During the event, attended by key stakeholders from the conservation and tourism industry, the Minister outlined the critical role that UWA plays in preserving Uganda’s diverse wildlife and natural heritage. Acknowledging the importance of lions in the country’s ecosystem and the tourism sector, the Minister emphasized the need to boost the animal population.

Expressing gratitude, the outgoing 9th Board of Trustees Dr. Panta Kasoma, delivered remarks on behalf of the previous board. Dr. Kasoma took the opportunity to thank the Minister for the trust bestowed upon them and the opportunity to serve Uganda Wildlife Authority. “We are immensely grateful to the Minister for the confidence placed in us as the 9th Board of Trustees. It has been a privilege to work towards the conservation and protection of Uganda’s wildlife during our tenure,” expressed Dr. Kasoma.

As the outgoing Chairman, Dr. Kasoma recognized the challenges faced by UWA and its ongoing battle against poaching and invasive species. He highlighted the achievements made under the 9th Board’s leadership in preserving the nation’s natural heritage and promoting sustainable tourism. “We have made significant strides in combating poaching and raising awareness about the importance of wildlife preservation. Our collaboration with various stakeholders has been instrumental in achieving these milestones,” added Dr. Kasoma.

The newly appointed Chairman, Professor James Kalema, acknowledged the accomplishments of the previous board while expressing his determination to build upon their successes. He emphasized the need to work collaboratively with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to make a tangible impact on lion population growth and wildlife protection.

Speaking at the same function, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Doreen Katusiime said that boards and agencies perform a delegated function of government and must operate within the framework of government in accordance with policies, laws and plans put in place by government.

The UWA Executive Director Sam Mwandha on behalf of Management and staff of Uganda Wildlife Authority congratulated the new board and expressed confidence in the appointed members. He said that management looks forward to their valuable contributions and strategic guidance in leading the Authority towards achieving its mandate of protecting and conserving UgandaÔÇÖs wildlife for the benefit┬á┬áof present and future generations.

The ceremony was attended by a diverse range of stakeholders, including representatives from non-governmental organizations, private sector enterprises, and govern

ment agencies. Their collective presence demonstrated a united front in the mission to safeguard Uganda’s rich biodiversity, recognized as a vital asset for its tourism industry.

Both the Minister and the incoming Chairman expressed their gratitude to Dr. Kasoma and the outgoing 9th Board of Trustees for their dedicated service to the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Their efforts have laid a strong foundation for the 10th Board to continue advancing conservation efforts and ensuring the sustainable coexistence of wildlife and tourism.

With the Minister’s call for increased lion population and intensified efforts against poaching and invasive species, the newly inaugurated 10th Board of Trustees is primed to lead impactful initiatives that will shape the future of Uganda’s wildlife conservation. The collective commitment of all stakeholders involved will play a pivotal role in achieving these crucial conservation goals.

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