Wildlife Research

for planning, decision-making, & evaluation

Research & Monitoring

The goal behind the Monitoring and Research Program is the provision of information for planning, decision-making, and evaluation in biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of wildlife resources.

Monitoring & Research funding

The Monitoring and Research Unit receives operational and capital development funds from UWA and externally funded projects. These funds are not sufficient to cover all the research and monitoring required. To increase its financial resources, UWA has established a Research Fund into which it contributes part of its non-research revenues and all application and user fees plus any applicable royalties.


Research & Monitoring Priorities

Ecology: Species, habitat, fire, hydrobiology, and disease

Biodiversity: inventories, vegetation dynamics, and mapping

Social-economics: local communities, human-wildlife interactions, and cost-benefit sharing

Development: policy, tourism, use rights, and trade

Fields of prioritization

Ecology:  wild animals, vegetation, and meteorology

Social-economics: demographic and resource use

Management: illegal activities, problem animals, and patrol coverage

Development: Concessions, tourism, and pollution