Our Rangers

Without our rangers, we wouldn’t have these wild places.

Uganda’s team of rangers, forest guards, watchers, park wardens, and field enforcement officers, serve under various titles and their work is cross-cutting, yet one category unites them all. They are the unsung heroes of the conservation world.

Our rangers’ work is dynamic and covers six key areas; patrolling, monitoring wildlife, combating poaching, engaging local communities, managing fires, and assisting with tourism development in our various protected areas.

Rangers are the eyes and ears of the forest, protecting wildlife and the landscape is the key purpose behind their patrolling

Whilst out on patrols, rangers are not only looking for signs of wildlife but signs of illegal activity too. Poaching and the illegal wildlife trade are the most immediate threat to many of Uganda’s critical species.

Poaching isn’t just limited to animals either, illegal logging destroys the wildlife habitat and biodiversity of the region. On a daily basis, rangers will record the signs and location of illegal activity, as well as remove snares and traps that they find along the paths they patrol. They take action against illegal activities in accordance with the national legislation.

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