Wildlife Education Programs


Wildlife Education Programs

Snapshot Safari Board Game

A series of children’s books and the Queen Elizabeth National Park “Snapshot Safari Board Game” were designed and produced by Uganda Wildlife Authority in collaboration with Wild life clubs Uganda and USAID-STAR. The board games are available to play and purchase in lodges around Queen Elizabeth National Park and use fun trivia to teach about the parks resident wild life. The books use poetic and quirky stories with bright illustrations to help children learn about Uganda’s unique animals, birds and indigenous cultures

The children book series;

A Dance with Nature [the Bakonzo tribe]

A Home away from Home [the lesser flamingo]

Are we there yet? [elephants]

Basongora Best Friend

Beak full of Bees [bee-eaters]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder [warthog]

Can I borrow your Nest? [Klaas’s Cuckoo]

Last night I was a Banded Mongoose

Queen of the South West

Wallace the Hippo Boss

An Educational tool

As well as being available to tourists, these materials are used as an educational tool to promote wildlife conservation in schools around Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori Mountains National Parks. Through this program we hope to recruit future naturalists through conservation communication and education; ensure sustainable use of Uganda’s natural resources; and conserve the country’s wildlife heritage.