Sweden International Development Association

Funded by Sweden International Development Association through World Bank, the one year project which is a grant is to improve sustainable management of, and increase benefits to communities from, target protected areas in response to COVID-19 impacts. The main beneficiaries of the project are the members of participatory forest management groups in rural communities adjacent to target protected areas that depend on forest and tourism resources. The project will be implemented by UWA and NFA. Three Wildlife Protected areas targeted are Queen Elizabeth National Park, Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve and Murchison Falls Protected Area. Documents giving more information can be accessed using the links below;

Access the Environmental and Social Management framework for the project using the link:┬áSIDA ÔÇô Environment and Social Management Framework

Access the Project paper using the link: SIDA- Project Paper

Access the Stakeholder Engagement Plan using the link: SIDA- Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Access the Project Labour Management Procedures using the link: SIDA- Labour Management Procedures